The quality manufacturers FSI represents include:


A.R.I. Valves
Vertical turbine pumps, end suction pumps, ANSI pumps, split case pumps, self priming pumps, water and sewer pumps.
Water and sewer air release valves, combination valves.
True suspended solids, DO, PH, ORP in line probes. Most robust in- situ flushing systems.
Control panels

FKC - (Insudtrial market only)
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Intelligent efficiency/deragging, through power monitoring and proven algorithm. Eradicate pump/mixer ragging. Quick return on investment.
Sludge dewatering, class-A sludge de-watering process, drum screen thickeners, screening.

Waste water drip dispersal, drip irrigation, subsurface waste water disposal.
Submersible sewage pumps, grinder pumps, dry-pit msubmersible pumps, solids handeling pumps, vortex pumps, single vane impeller pumps, closed loop cooling.

Redmond Environmental
Water and waste water measuring control, transducers, ultra sonic level control, open channel flow monitoring, floats, pump control systems, SCADA components, ultra sonic flow meters, pH meters, Dissoleved oxygen meters.
Redmond is the premier provider of obsolete and obscure replacement parts for 1hp Residential Grinder Pumps

Under man-hole lid units transmit flow rate and depth. Valuable tool for I&I, SSO, CSO, and asset allocation.
Decades of experience in industrial and municipal water industry, Zoeller designs and builds complete customized pump systems for moving wastewater. Family Owned. American Proud.
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