The quality manufacturers FSI represents include:


A.R.I. Valves
Vertical turbine pumps, end suction pumps, ANSI pumps, split case pumps, self priming pumps, water and sewer pumps.
Water and sewer air release valves, combination valves.


BJM Pumps
Fire hydrants, resilient seated gate valves, solid wedge gate valves, check valves.
Stainless steel process pumps, shredder pumps, grinder pumps.

Delta Enviornmental Products
Control panels
Low pressure sewer syetems, grinder pumps, semi-positive displacement grinder pumps.

Sludge dewatering, class-A sludge de-watering process, drum screen thickeners, screening.
Waste water drip dispersal, drip irrigation, subsurface waste water disposal.

Submersible sewage pumps, grinder pumps, dry-pit msubmersible pumps, solids handeling pumps, vortex pumps, single vane impeller pumps, closed loop cooling.
Torque vetctor drives, pump station controls, REMORA SCADA systems.

Master Meter

Residential water meters, compound meters, multi-jet meters, UL Fire flow meters, radio read, touch read.

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Water and waste water measuring control, transducers, ultra sonic level control, open channel flow monitoring, floats, pump control systems, SCADA components, ultra sonic flow meters, pH meters, Dissoleved oxygen meters.
Progreessing cavity pumps, rotors, stators, semi-positive displacement pumps, grinders, comminuters, shredders, low pressure sewer systems, pump parts.
Pressure sensing rings, pressure gauges, pinch valves, valve automation, duckbill check valves.
Package Kits
Pump Stations
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